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Prickles & Petals Oatmeal Bath Powder for Hedgehogs and Small Animals - Suitable for Humans as Well!

Prickles & Petals Oatmeal Bath Powder for Hedgehogs and Small Animals - Suitable for Humans as Well!

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Introducing Prickles & Petals Oatmeal Bath Powder with Dried Rosebuds & Lavender - the Perfect All-Natural Formula!

Experience the Calming Benefits for Hedgehogs and Humans alike! (Yes, I personally add it to my bath for a delightful experience!)

Indulge in a luxurious bath by adding 1-2 tablespoons of our Oatmeal Bath Powder directly to warm bath water or steep it in a mesh bag for easy clean-up. Use as needed for a relaxing bath. For hedgehog use, please ensure thorough rinsing after each bath. This product is not for consumption.

Unlock the power of nature with our carefully selected ingredients. Prickles & Petals Oatmeal Bath Powder is crafted with plain rolled oats, dried lavender leaves, and dried rose petals and buds. We believe in the purity of natural ingredients to provide a gentle and calming bathing experience.

Available Sizes:
Choose from our range of sizes - 3 oz, 6 oz, or 8 oz - to suit your needs. Depending on the amount used, the 3 oz size can last for 1-3 baths, ensuring multiple opportunities to enjoy the calming effects.

Updated Packaging Information:
Starting from December 2022, we have transitioned to packaging our bath powder in convenient packets instead of tubs. Please note that your order will arrive packaged differently from the listing photos. We are committed to providing a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution without compromising on quality.

Immerse yourself in the delightful fragrance of Prickles & Petals Oatmeal Bath Powder. Designed for hedgehogs and suitable for humans too, it's the perfect addition to your bath routine.

Please note that while our bath powder is specifically formulated for hedgehogs, it may also be suitable for other small animals. Adjust the amount used based on their size and bathing needs.

Order your Prickles & Petals Oatmeal Bath Powder today and enjoy a natural and refreshing bath experience!
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